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The facts about Apple Watch


The facts about Apple Watch – Digital Crown and Siri

Digital Crown controls the functions of the scrolling and zooming in most applications, plus doing some interesting things in the face – for example, it allows you to “scroll time forward” in astronomical mode or change the number of divisions on the stopwatch chronograph. The picture is responsible for the rapid volume adjustment.

Apple Watch display sizes are very small. Especially the version with 38-mm dial. Therefore, you cannot poke it with two fingers. Apple added an element to the clock. By the way, it works, quite good. In our opinion, it is not enough of “clicks” mechanism for the mouse wheel to scroll through more accurate – but it probably would have created restrictions for developers and their applications, our partner Okessays.com was totally satisfied with the functions of this gadget.

Digital Crown is adequately served me while using cards and Twitter while watching the tape. Just spent and replayed. At the same time, partly because of it, I stopped to open the “Alarm” on the Apple Watch. Here the wheel sets hour and minutes of switching the signal. Due to the ultra-high sensitivity constantly overshoot the desired numbers. As a result, we use Siri for this task.

Feature voice assistant on Apple Watch – it cannot say out loud. Why then she is needed? In fact, there are a lot of things.

For example, with its help, we get directions without taking the iPhone out of his pocket – I say “paved hiking route to the subway,” and everything was going. You can start playback of a particular track or album on your iPhone. Check the weather, or set an alarm.

If your query is too complicated to show on the small screen, Siri opens offered results on the iPhone. This is most likely to occur when you are trying to find something on the Internet. The clock is not a web browser, so these requests are sent directly to your smartphone.

Through Siri you can write messages using dictation to call anyone in your contact list directly from the watch, create tasks in iOS Calendar and mark their performance. The particular version of the service understands requests without any problems, but in a noisy environment may stumble and parse request incorrectly.

Most of all you will enjoy: the weather and an alarm clock. Performing tasks via Siri is easier and faster than doing the same thing manually, through the appropriate application.

About the Author: Kera Heron is a student. She is from France.


ACS Cobham International School

ACS Cobham International School is located in Cobham, Surrey, England.
• Age of pupils 2-18 years, board – 12-18 years
• IB Program, American High School Diploma
• Type of school coeducational day school and boarding house
• The number of students in 1320, on board – 95
• Pension Cost: 44 300 GBP

It is located 30 km from ACS Cobham International School Central London. It offers quality academic training for boys and girls from 2 to 18 years on a wide range of programs, from kindergarten through graduate school. Classes are held in small groups (up to 15 people). school Feature – an individual approach to each child. The ratio of teachers and students is 1 to 9, which allows the teacher to give a lot of personal attention to students and to take into account the peculiarities of their character and way of perceiving information.

Modern school campus occupies more than 52 acres of scenic countryside in the village of Cobham, south London suburb. It includes a training center for the kids, specially constructed buildings for elementary, middle and high school, a gymnasium, a cafeteria and a set of school residences. Classes for students of different age groups are held in different classrooms, science labs, computer

labs and creative studios. Thus, learning and staying in school becomes more comfortable, and the children elementary, middle and high schools do not interfere with each other.
In addition, there is a new interactive educational center with 134 places with modern equipment and wireless internet access at the school recently opened. Sport infrastructure includes 6 tennis courts, a gym, a field for playing football, rugby, baseball and golf, indoor swimming pool, dance studio and fitness center.

Education is based on the classical principles of the American academic system of education. Students instilled the desire for knowledge and success without the use of cheap essay writing service to get results. Teaching high school plan provides the credit system: for each item charged one credit per year.

Accommodation in the school five days or full board is carried out for students 12-18 years old. More than a hundred people live in comfortable double rooms with private facilities. In each school the residence is equipped with a kitchen, study and computer rooms, common areas of rest, and access to the Internet.
About the Author: Lora Stetson is a student. She studies at the university. She is interested in art and learning foreign languages. She is from England.

Assignment Planning


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