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Your Academic Issues Resolved

Any students can get into a situation when he/she needs some assistance. And if you’re now looking for someone who’d help you with you academic writing, Writessay.net can be the option for you. The service has several undoubted advantages, so let’s get down to them. Continue Reading

How to Write an Essay Quickly?

What the hell has happened? Just a few days ago your paper seemed the last thing to worry about, and now it’s suddenly due tomorrow? No need to kill yourself! Although it is better to start early, you can write your essay in a couple of hours as well and end up with at least a piece that will do. How? Let us explain it to you briefly. Continue Reading

How to Write a Good Essay? The Million Dollar Question

So, you finally have it all: excellent exam grades, high ratings, and respect of your teachers. There is only one thing to wish for. It’s to be good at writing essays. If put it simply, there are so many papers you will have to write at college and university that if you don’t possess the skill, you can flush all the other merits down the toilet. Being good at writing papers is essential for getting your degree. Continue Reading

How Do I Improve My Essay Writing?

If this is the question you have in mind, accept our congratulations. Why? Because you are smart. Constant self-improvement is the key to success, and you are heading the right way. And as for the improvement techniques, here are a few you might find useful. However, do not forget that what works for one person might be useless for another. So, do not expect miracles. Continue Reading

Good Intro and Conclusion for Essay Writing

While writing a paper is a time-consuming and exhausting process, some of its stages take more time and effort than the others.However, boosting your skills when covering challenging papers you can save significantly in the terms of energy waste. Continue Reading

This is when you really need essay written by an expert

It would be nice if essays could write themselves. Most of students, even the brightest ones, have had this temptation to cheat on their tutors and get someone to write their papers at least once. But anyways, is your laziness worth what professional writers charge for their work? What are the cases where it’s actually plainly reasonable to outsource your essays? Continue Reading

How to Critically Review a Product or a Service

Some students may complain that it is hard to write a critical essay about a product or a service. We hope that our critical review tips will make a student’s life a bit easier. Try to follow them and be sure to receive an A grade.

  1. Do NOT use any essay writing software or other similar services. A critical review of a product or a service needs only human input and should be based on your own thoughts and opinions, not someone else’s.
  2. Stick to a writing style that was specified in the initial task.
  3. Define the target audience for a product or a service, and try to become a member of this target audience. Try to use the product or service yourself and then critically review it from your own point of view. Find out how real end users review the product. For software, it could be websites such as Trustpilot.
  4. See how the vendor company advertises its product and how they describe it at e-commerce websites. You should also check the website or the product or service to see whether their website copy is too salesy or not. If their marketing strategy is rather aggressive, then it gives more space for critics. But use this space wisely and don’t over-criticize.
  5. If applicable, you can draw a table or a diagram that compares the product or service with other similar products or services. It will require some effort from you, but this effort will pay off and increase your chances for an A grade.
  6. Find out if the product or service is easy to use, and whether you need additional help using it. Check the availability of end user documentation, if applicable.
  7. Check the quality of provided customer support. Even if you don’t need help using a product or a service, pretend that you do and ask the support for help. Evaluate their responsiveness and politeness in communication with its customers or potential customers.
  8. Refer to official sources that helped you to write a review. For example, this work.