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Looking for Interesting Macbeth Essay Topics?

In terms of the variety of issues raised, Macbeth can be called one of the most diverse literary works of the humanity. No wonder it is assigned so often to students of literature as well as other courses.

Macbeth essay questions vary significantly. There’s everything: power, mystery, greed, ambition, pride and many more. However, if you are looking for something no one has ever written about, you should probably look deeper or use someone else’s help.

There are thousands of Macbeth essay topics, yet if you take the one that has already been used plenty of times, it will be hard to develop something new and fresh. That’s why it’s wiser to look at this literary work from some other angle.

Macbeth essays: why are they still assigned?

The popularity of Macbeth essays is easily explained. The tragedy is so full of controversy and emotion, that it would be simply impossible to cover all of them in one paper. That’s why teachers and college professors all over the world make their students write essays on Macbeth focusing on a certain character or a theme.

If you come to think of it, Macbeth is probably the most frequently read Shakespeare’s work. It is full of action (unlike, let’s say, Hamlet) and makes you wonder how it was possible to squeeze so much in a single tragedy.

Also, it offers a great opportunity to elaborate on the role of women in every man’s life. Lady Macbeth essay usually deals with her personal qualities and describes the driving force she provides for Macbeth’s hidden ambition. Also, the tragedy displays a unique relationship between the marriage partners: the wife is not intimidated by her husband’s power and acts as his equal.

A few Macbeth essay prompts

Writing an essay on Macbeth is rather easy, but there are some difficulties you might encounter on the way. That’s why we’ve decided to provide you with a few Macbeth essay prompts. This is not a protocol of how to write it, but rather a checklist to use in the process.

  1. If you write Macbeth ambition essay, do not focus only on Macbeth himself. After all, the tragedy would not have happened if not for his wife. Whose ambition was stronger and gave the impulse?
  2. In Macbeth character analysis essay, consider the masculinity problem. Male characters are often accused of being too feminine in the tragedy. What is masculinity associated with? Wisdom and intelligence or physical strength and rudeness?
  3. Are the sins of the main characters atoned? Is Lady Macbeth’s wandering at night a sign of her remorse or just a punishment sent from above?
  4. How does relationship between the main characters transform in the course of the tragedy? Is Macbeth upset about the death of his wife? If not, what does it mean?
  5. Elaborate on fate and its subjection to people’s wishes. What if Macbeth hadn’t been told about his fate, would it all have happened?

The essay you are about to write is a very convenient assignment. You can find plenty of new things there. All you have to do is look closer. Shakespeare is called a genius for a reason – his works give vast material for thought and speculation. Do not be afraid to make new theories and go deeper – this is what they expect from you.